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What type of services do you offer?


1. Opportunity to join our fleet and use our authority.

2. 24/7 Service with direct access to your personal agent.

3. We provide you loads from our Broker company.

4. You can get detailed market analyses and the best offer from the lane you choose.

5. Negotiations with brokers and shippers for getting the highest-paying loads.

6. Broker-Carrier set up and broker credit Score check.

7. Trip Coordination and 24/7 driver assistance.

8. Consistent freight, Reliable brokers, and Shippers.

9. Passive income $2000-$4000 a week.

10. We will get your detention and layover fees.

11. We can plan your lane and make $7000 - $8000 a week.

12. Loads that you will never see on DAT, Truck Stop, and other load boards.

How much does it cost?


Our processing fee is 6% from gross.
We try our best to not actually charge it from our carrier. So meaning to say we do find a load that will have a 5 percent on top of it.


Do you have quick pay option?


We offer factoring companies which they can actually pay in advance and then they are the ones who will collect the money from the broker.

Do you use load boards if yes which ones?


On the one hand, we do have access to all the load boards online as well so what we do we are the ones going to access the load boards and find the suitable loads. On the other hand, most part of our loads is coming directly from the brokers we partner with.

Explain to me the process of booking the load.


After we find the suitable loads using the guide that you provided and then we will be calling you back and offer you these loads. If you are agreed then we will get back to them and advise them that we will be taking it so will send them all the documents. The documentations we will be the ones to do it on your behalf.

Do I need my own Motor Carrier Authority?


If you have your own MC authority we can take the loads on behalf of your company fee is 5% from gross. If not you can use our Authority and Insurance as well fee 12% from gross.

For what type of trailer can you book freights?


Dry van
Power Only
26ft straight box trucks

How will you bill me?


We send invoices every week via stripe and it is really easy to pay them. One-click process using a debit card.

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