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This Agreement is made between “GNH STARK LLC brand name MY BEST DISPATCHER”, hereafter referred to as 
DISPATCHER, and carrier company (registered via the form of website link hereinafter referred to as 
CARRIER. WHEREAS, DISPATCHER is a transportation dispatcher handling the necessary paperwork 
between a SHIPPERS and the CARRIER in order to secure “CARGO” for said CARRIER. 
WHEREAS, CARRIER is a Motor CONTRACT Carrier subject to the jurisdiction of the ICC: NOW, 
THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and convents hereinafter contained it is mutually agreed by and 
between parties hereto as follows:

                                                                OBLIGATIONS OF DISPATCHER
1. DISPATCHER agrees to handle paperwork, phone calls to or from the BROKER or SHIPPER to
tender shipments to CARRIER for transportation in interstate commerce by CARRIER between points
and places within the scope of CARRIER’S operating authority.

2. DISPATCHER bears no financial or legal responsibility in the transaction between the SHIPPER,
CARRIER agreement.

a. Make 100% effort to keep truck(s) loaded.
b. CARRIER will be contacted about EVERY load we find to offer, and the driver will ACCEPT or
REJECT the load.
c. Invoice the CARRIER at the time of service; also provide a copy of each Load Confirmation Sheet
CARRIER is being billed for.

                                                                  OBLIGATIONS OF CARRIER

1. CARRIER agrees to pay DISPATCHER flat fee per load, flat fee per week, 6% of
each load, and agrees to pay the fees prior to the services rendered, via Debit/Credit Card. Unless
arranged differently.
2. CARRIER gives DISPATCHER authority to provide his/her signature for rate confirmation sheets,
invoices, and associated paperwork necessary for securing cargo and billing purposes. The terms of this
agreement shall be perpetual, provided that either party may terminate the same by giving 30 days written
notice to the other.
3. SHIPPER agrees to pay CARRIER promptly, following receipt of a freight bill and proof of delivery of
each shipment to its assigned destination, free of damage or shortage. The amount to be paid by
SHIPPER to CARRIER shall be established between parties on a per shipment basis prior to
commencement of each individual shipment. A load confirmation including details of shipment and
revenue to be paid will be supplied via FAX or EMAIL by SHIPPER to CARRIER. Confirmation will
be signed by DISPATCHER and returned via FAX or EMAIL to SHIPPER.
4. CARRIER agrees to pay the DISPATCHER by the following:
a. Debit/Credit Card.
b. Payments are due to the DISPATCHER for services rendered and payments that are due to the
DISPATCHER for services rendered are not contingent on outstanding company payments due
to the CARRIER for loads that he/she has hauled for the SHIPPER OR BROKER.
c. Failure to pay the DISPATCHER for services rendered will result in termination of contract services immediately unless otherwise determined by the DISPATCHER and paying an extra 25% of the non-paid load in 30 days period of delivered load. 
5. CARRIER shall be liable for loss, damage, or liability occasioned by the transportation of property
arranged by DISPATCHER, SHIPPER while in the possession of the carrier.
6. CARRIER agrees to hold DISPATCHER, SHIPPER harmless from any liability for personal injury or
property damage occurring during an operation conducted by CARRIER pursuant to this agreement.
7. CARRIER will be responsible to comply with all applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to
the operation of a motor carrier.
8. CARRIER and DISPATCHER agree that DISPATCHER, at great expense, has developed a broad
the customer base of shippers, receivers, and brokers that are essential to the successful operations of his/her
company. CARRIER and DISPATCHER agree that disclosure of the identity of one or more of the
companies said customers to CARRIER constitute valuable consideration. During the term of this
AGREEMENT and for a period of one (1) year from its termination, CARRIER shall not, directly or
indirectly, solicit or do business involving transportation or of a warehousing nature with any of the
companies customers who are serviced by CARRIER as a result of this AGREEMENT unless otherwise
agreed by the parties in writing.
9. Carrier acknowledges that the customer information being provided by DISPATCHER is the sole and
exclusive property of DISPATCHER and that neither it, nor any employee, agent, or subcontractor shall
back-solicit, directly or indirectly, communicate or perform any service for compensations for any
account of DISPATCHER which has previously tendered to CARRIER for transportation, nor shall it
pass on or reveal any customer information obtained to any other person or company.
10. Solicitation prohibited under this AGREEMENT means participation in any conduct, whether direct or
indirect, the purpose of which involves transportation and/or handling of property by CARRIER for
which CARRIER does, or did in the past, provide such service for that customer under arrangements first
made or procured by DISPATCHER. Solicitation includes conduct initiated or induced by the CARRIER, or
accepted by CARRIER, upon inducement by DISPATCHER efforts.
11. If CARRIER should perform services of a transportation or warehousing nature for compensation for
any DISPATCHER customer without prior documented authorization from DISPATCHER during the
the applicable time period in violation of this AGREEMENT, CARRIER shall pay to DISPATCHER within
ten (10) days of each such violation an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of all revenues invoiced by
CARRIER to the solicited customer. Where a dispute or disagreement arises, both parties agree to tender
the issue of binding arbitration in the “state of WY”.
12. CARRIER acknowledges that a breach of this provision will give rise to immediate and irreparable
injury to DISPATCHER, which is inadequately compensated in damages. Accordingly, CARRIER
agrees that DISPATCHER is entitled to obtain injunctive relief against the breach or threatened breach
by CARRIER of this obligation, in addition to any other legal remedies, which may be available.
CARRIER further acknowledges that the precise damages DISPATCHER would sustain out of any
breach of this covenant may be difficult to ascertain and agrees that it shall pay as damages, twenty-five
percent (25%) of the aggregate of all rates and charges assessed by CARRIER for transportation services
provided to any account of DISPATCHER that is handled in contravention of this agreement, plus
liquidated damages of ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars.
13. CARRIER agrees that it will function under terms of this agreement strictly as duly permitted contract
carrier, and hereby waives any and all rate provisions, which may be contained in its published carrier
14. This agreement shall be deemed to be effective on the first date that CARRIER, DISPATCHER, and
SHIPPER commence business together, and the parties hereby agree that the provisions herein properly
express and memorialize the complete understanding as contained in any prior agreement either written
or verbal.

BY: Hovnan Ghukasyan
TITLE: Dispatcher/Owner 

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