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This is a commission-only position with no limit on the amount of money you can earn.

Based on the book of business, the freight agent can earn as much as commission.


This is an excellent chance for someone to run and grow their firm.

This is a commissioned agent position that will assist us in securing new freight and customers. Earnings are unrestricted.

Description of the Position

Identify suitable prospects through door-to-door or field sales, and manage the sales cycle to close new business deals. Generate leads by conducting community research in each firm to learn about the decision-makers in charge of shipping.

By offering exceptional customer service, you may provide continuing assistance and build strong relationships with clients.
Keep detailed notes of interactions with prospects and customers in a notebook.

Assisting in the development of pricing schedules for quotations to prospective clients, promotions, negotiations, load booking, and shipping tracking.

To ensure maximum profitability, provide and negotiate freight rates with carriers for FTL and customized services.
To streamline processes, collaborate with the Customer Sales team.
Attend required sales, shipping, and freight training sessions.

In order to fix shipments issues, contact vendors and/or claims adjustment departments.
Choose a shipping method and prepare bills of lading and other shipping paperwork.
Notify consignees or customers that freight or baggage has arrived, and make arrangements.

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