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Thank you for your interest in the role of dispatch agent. For this position, we have received a large number of applications. This information will go over the job in greater depth, including the salary and criteria.

You'll learn how to be a successful dispatch agent and how to advertise and market your services effectively. Our knowledgeable training coordinators will show you how to plan trips, find loads, establish contacts with brokers and shippers, complete back-office paperwork, and much more.

This is a commission-only position. The loads are paid at a fixed %2 rate of gross which means approximately $25 to $50 per load. The set rate you get is determined on the pay rate of the cargo you book. For instance, suppose you have seven drivers who work five days a week and each load you book for them pays you $50.00 in commission. You earn $250 each week per driver. $250 multiplied by seven equals $1750.

You have to manage freight on behalf of a carrier. That includes using load boards and personal connections to locate freight that needs to be shipped, speaking to brokers, conducting negotiations, and eventually dispatching drivers and setting up their routes. In many cases, the position also includes some back-end work like reviewing truck drivers’ logs and tracking their hours.

The employment requires you to be:
Attention to detail
Ability to multitask
High level of confidence
Superior communication
Empathic and compassionate
Exceptional emotional self-control

Make phone calls to establish partnerships and start building your business book from the ground up. Strong negotiating abilities as well as the ability to deal with dispute.

A good dispatcher must be able to coordinate trip schedules, manage routes, and handle calls and requests from operators, third-party vendors, and their supervisors. They must make decisions confidently and have the knowledge to support them.

As a trucker dispatcher, excellent communication skills are required. Not only do you need written and verbal skills, but you also need the capacity to listen with empathy and compassion. A dispatcher's ability to comprehend exactly what customers needs and then act on it - professionally and efficiently — is a valuable skill.

Working as a truck dispatcher might entail dealing with a variety of high-stress and emotionally charged scenarios. Success in this profession requires the capacity to remain calm and respond rationally rather than emotionally. Dispatches can vary and proceed in a different path than expected at times. This is why maintaining a level of flexibility and adaptation within the role is critical.

We need you. Come and join our talented community. Please send your CV to or simply click to apply button for filling the application form.

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